Film industry has grown as technology advances and market demand. As a filmmaker you should be able to understand it as an attempt to improve the skills.


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EOS 5D MARK III for Filmmaker

EOS 5D MARK III for FilmmakerFilm production at this time not always uses standard video cameras. Many filmmakers use Digital SLR camera as an image recording device. Canon has unveiled this year’s EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera as a successor to the popularity of the previous series of EOS 5D Mark II.

Canon EOS DSLR is essentially for the purposes of photography, but since the generation of EOS 5D Mark II has become a tool often used by professional film makers. With the various features of the EOS 5D Mark III seems cinematography fans will be spoiled with the results that have a maximum quality.

The 5D Mark III features an improved 36 x 24mm full-frame CMOS sensor with approximately 22.3 effective mega pixels. By using a new gapless microlens array and improved photo diodes, this camera has an improved standard ISO sensitivity of 100 – 25,600 (expandable up to L:50, H1:51,200, H2:102,400). This balance of ISO sensitivity and high signal-to noise (S/N) ratio, as well as a new customizable “Auto ISO” function, grants photographers freedom of expression in low-light conditions.

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Camera Shooting Log Sheet

This log sheet use for the daily record of shooting by camera. Download Camera Shooting Log here

Camera Shot List Form

You can download this form here: Camera Shot List

International Film Festival Events In April 2012

Midwest Independent Film Festival : April 03, 2012 (Chicago, Illinois) Litchfield Hills Film Festival : April 05-08, 2012 (Kent, Connecticut) The Johns Hopkins Film Festival : April 06-08, 2012 (Baltimore, Maryland) The Ivy Film Festival : April 09-15, 2012 (Providence, Rhode Island) Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles to Celebrate 10th Anniversary : April […]

Primary Requirements for Making Your Film

Making Your FilmLet us talk about pre-production. Precisely, what does one need in this kind of a challenge? Say you have already got your script. You have already a somewhat clear picture of your budget-or lack of. You have ideas for casting (if you have no budget, that is very easily solvable, you perform the lead and/or cast your siblings, close friends, acquaintances who can do it and can do it for absolutely no pay or maybe for a slice of pizza), and you know your distribution prospects-where you want your movie to play, most enthusiasts are happy to get a showing at the family’s television area. A nice outdoor screening would be wonderful though, accompanied with a cookout. Finally, you are pretty much set to think about devices.

Most filmmakers focus on tools. It’s not shocking nor is it poor. It is after all, a big portion of the procedure; but as explained above, that’s not all there is. Likewise, the camera requires the top charging in the equipment list. There are numerous varieties available and at different price ranges and all with their very own merits and drawbacks. Once you’ve a camera, you’re on your way. However, what happens next?  Continue reading Primary Requirements for Making Your Film

OLIVE, Film That Used The Smartphone As A Video Camera

In filmmaking, we had known the camera is commonly the main equipment for capturing images. A professional camera with a large size has been already common even seen for usage. And then the technology said different, this time the video camera function had shifted to the use DSLR Cameras that have good quality. In […]

Editing a Short Film

Editing a Short FilmIt is hard to editing a short film as well as it can be a good manner to swiftly and concisely exhibit your abilities as an editor. With 5 or 10 minutes of editing, what you will be able to accomplish can say in excess of a footage of two hours since the canvas is so much smaller for storytelling and good editing. Not just for directors but editors also, short film works extremely well as an excellent calling card for anyone who wants to break into the film industry. As such, you should consider any project for editing a short film as a type of job application. It is a showcase of your work and something you can use to show producers or directors how skillfully you understand the medium of film, and make them want to see what you could do with a larger canvas.

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A Free Online Video Editing Tool

A few days ago my friend told me about free video editing software that capable on use without having to install on computer. I am curious and then tried this application on JayCut. JayCut is an online video editing that can be accessed on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has all the features you […]

Free Magazine : Television Asia Plus

Television Asia Plus is a free magazine about the Asian television industry (free-TV broadcasting, programming and production to pay-TV, digital rollouts and interactive platforms).

Visit and make subscription immediately on the link below;

Television Asia Plus Free […]

Free Magazine : ASIA Image

Asia Image has been specially designed to bring the clearest coverage of the broadcast, production and post production industry. Published by Ten Alps Communications Asia Pte Ltd, Asia Image draws on the most relevant database in Asia today, which is constantly updated by a dedicated circulation team in Singapore . The publication is […]