Film industry has grown as technology advances and market demand. As a filmmaker you should be able to understand it as an attempt to improve the skills.


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Important Tips for Low-Budget Filmmaking

1. Never Compromise!

When you are making a low budget movie, it is important to realize that not everything is going to be perfect. You may have a vision for how you see your film, but if you’re not willing to compromise, it is unlikely that you will were be able to finish anything. Instead of giving up, use your creativity to come up with acceptable compromises and workarounds for your problems. It is your creativity that got you here, and it is your creativity that will allow you to finish it.

2. Fix It in Post

A common joke in Hollywood is to use the term “we will fix it and post”. It is very easy during filming to settle for bad sound, or other mistakes, and assume that they can be fixed during post-production. However, once you get into post-production, you will most likely hate yourself for making those decisions. Take the time to do it right the first time, or you could waste hours of your time trying to “fix it and post”.

3. We Are Friends, We Don’t Need Contracts

It is easy to partner with your friends to make a movie, but a common mistake, is not getting things in writing. I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard about film makers who have had falling outs with their friends, leading to legal nightmares during distribution. Before you shoot anything, always make sure that everyone is in agreement about their involvement, and get it in writing. If you don’t, be prepared for trouble down the road.

Original source and author from James Sosa‘s articel

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