Film industry has grown as technology advances and market demand. As a filmmaker you should be able to understand it as an attempt to improve the skills.


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The expanding family of Sony’s award winning XDCAM EX series of products now includes the PWM-320 shoulder-mount camcorder that delivers new levels of creativity and flexibility for solid-state digital production. The PWM-320 comes equipped with three cutting edge 1/2 inch Exmor full HD 1920×1080 CMOS imagers delivering superb picture performance with full HD picture resolution.

DVCAM recording is a standard feature in the PWM-320 and supports 25Mb/s DVCAM recording in either PAL or NTSC modes, providing seamless integration into existing DVCAM workflows offering ultimate flexibility of use internationally. Weighing in at just a 3.2 kg, it’s one of the lightest shoulder camcorders in its class. With curves in all the right places, the PWM-320 is ergonomically designed, providing a high level of mobility and flexibility in various shooting situations. Exceptionally low power consumptionalso makes it environmentally friendly.

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