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Do It Yourself! Camera Stabilizer

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Camera Jib -

In film production equipment such as a camera tripod, dolly, jib, crane, and steadycam is commonplace and is often used. The price is very cheap, just a few large production houses and rental equipment are able to buy these items.
In fact, if we can make the creative tools to use with materials or materials which are found around us, although not similar to the form of the essential functions of the tool is almost the same compared to the original.

Instructions for making dolly, camera stabilizer, crane, jib, camera car mounts up described on this site.

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4 comments to Do It Yourself! Camera Stabilizer

  • Amin Asadi Rad

    Hi, I’m a short film maker,I want to know how to make cheap equipments like steadycam, crane & … please send informations if it’s possible for you.

    cecepswp Reply:

    Hello Amin, you can download & read that ebook or find through search engines by using keywords homemade, do it yourself, or DIY. You’ll find many information and tutorial about how to build camera equipments, lighting, etc.

  • thanks man. really helpful :)

  • Great resource.

    Will most certainly find this useful particularly as we now work on a shoe string budget within the video production industry and the prices of these specialist equipment is rising, is seems, almost daily!

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