Film industry has grown as technology advances and market demand. As a filmmaker you should be able to understand it as an attempt to improve the skills.


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High-Definition Media Interface

High-Definition Media Interface or HDMI is a digital interface without compression device used to connect media streams from one location to another. It is commonly used for high-definition television home and multimedia production. Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Technicolor, Toshiba, and Silicon Image are a leading electronics manufacturer in the world to be a pioneer […]

EOS 5D MARK III for Filmmaker

EOS 5D MARK III for FilmmakerFilm production at this time not always uses standard video cameras. Many filmmakers use Digital SLR camera as an image recording device. Canon has unveiled this year’s EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera as a successor to the popularity of the previous series of EOS 5D Mark II.

Canon EOS DSLR is essentially for the purposes of photography, but since the generation of EOS 5D Mark II has become a tool often used by professional film makers. With the various features of the EOS 5D Mark III seems cinematography fans will be spoiled with the results that have a maximum quality.

The 5D Mark III features an improved 36 x 24mm full-frame CMOS sensor with approximately 22.3 effective mega pixels. By using a new gapless microlens array and improved photo diodes, this camera has an improved standard ISO sensitivity of 100 – 25,600 (expandable up to L:50, H1:51,200, H2:102,400). This balance of ISO sensitivity and high signal-to noise (S/N) ratio, as well as a new customizable “Auto ISO” function, grants photographers freedom of expression in low-light conditions.

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Choose The Best Video Camera for Long-Term Investments

Videos are by far the best way to keep the memory of a special day alive. At the end, what a great way to watch the memorable moments and again live in the past one day with the same people who have been in the video? Although videos are younger than films, they have […]

Sony DSR-PD177P

DSR-PD177Sony announces the first launch of the DSR-PD177P at August 2009, a newly designed DVCAM camcorder that is powered by Sony’s latest imaging technology. Like its predecessor, the hugely successful DSR-PD170P, the DSR-PD177P addresses a broad spectrum of applications where picture quality, reliability and mobility are primary concerns. Besides inheriting the attractive features of the DSR-PD170P, the DSR-PD177P also offers a range of enhancements for improved audio and video quality and operability, including a choice of new accessories to aim to meet even more diverse shooting scenarios.

The DSR-PD177P adopts the DVCAM format which is the worldwide standard SD format for professional camcorders. It also boasts the cutting edge technology of Exmor Sensor System1 to achieve a low light sensitivity of just 1. 5 lux in order to maximise the potential of the camcorder’s imaging system.

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The Most Popular Formats

It is rather impossible to choose a camera without knowing which format best fits your needs.  Below, you will find a lot of the most popular formats.

DVCPRO HD It supported the standard definition of DVCPRO format. The DVCPRO HD from Panasonic uses a data rate of 120 Mbps and intra frame compression, both […]


Sony is adding to its line of pro HD tapeless memory camcorders with the launch of the HXR-MC1500. Capturing moments in both High Definitions as well as SD formats, superb visual quality is certain with proven features such as Sony state of the art proprietary G-lens and Exmor R CMOS sensor that capable 4 million pixels. The superior extreme wide angle optical G-lens provides the wide capture mode of up to 29.8mm at 12x optical/160x digital zoom.

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PANASONIC AJ-HPX3100 P2 HD Camcorder

Panasonic will launch the AJAJ- a compact shoulder mounted HD camcorder featuring P2 solid-state memory card recording, in October 2010.

The AJ-HPX3100 offers high image quality and performance for high-end video production, incorporating a 2.2 Megapixel, 2/3, type CCD image sensor (3CCD) and the latest AVC-Intra Codec for broadcasting (compatible with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264).

The camcorder supports the multi-format HD capability as well as SD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV recording. The AVC-Intra 100 codec records high-quality images using 10 bit/4:2:2 sampling and also supports high-quality 24 bit audio recording whilst in AVC-Intra mode. The camera finally offers a Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) function to compensate variations in the lens and Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) which suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights.

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The expanding family of Sony’s award winning XDCAM EX series of products now includes the PWM-320 shoulder-mount camcorder that delivers new levels of creativity and flexibility for solid-state digital production. The PWM-320 comes equipped with three cutting edge 1/2 inch Exmor full HD 1920×1080 CMOS imagers delivering superb picture performance with full HD […]

Professional ENG Camcorder

Canon recently launched much awaited professional camcorders, the XF305 and XF300, each capable of recording 1920 x 1080 Full HD video in MPEG2 4:2:2 50Mbps Canon XF codec. The company’s latest camcorders come with hot swappable dual UDMA CF card slots, Canon 18x HD L-series lenses and Canon’s latest DIGIC DV III image processor.

Designed with input from professional users, the XF305 and XF300 use a MXF (Material Exchange Format), a widely supported open source format, to maximise compatibility with exising industry infrastructure and Non-Linear Editing (NLE) systems. Genuine Canon 18x HD L-series lens offers an optical image stabilization system, providing documentary filmmakers and news camera operators with the focal-range versality required in the field.

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Do It Yourself! Camera Stabilizer

Camera Jib –

In film production equipment such as a camera tripod, dolly, jib, crane, and steadycam is commonplace and is often used. The price is very cheap, just a few large production houses and rental equipment are able to buy these items. In fact, if we can make the creative tools […]