Film industry has grown as technology advances and market demand. As a filmmaker you should be able to understand it as an attempt to improve the skills.


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Cartoonr, A Free Video Editing Plugin from NewBlue

NewBlue CartoonrI am sure you will be familiar with NewBlue, a company that has produced many of the best plugins for videographers.
This time NewBlue has released a free plugin called NewBlue Cartoonr. This plug-in can work with Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Apple Motion, AVID Liquid, AVID Media Composer, Pinnacle Studio, Sony VEGAS, Thomson GV EDIUS, and COREL VideoStudio. It’s also compatible on Windows and Mac OS.

NewBlue Cartoonr gives an edge to make your video look like a hand-drawn cartoon. Cartoonr plugin has 32 preset cartoon styles are very helpful for videographers to create video effects as needed. I’ve tried this plugin in SONY Vegas Pro 9, and the results are very impressive.

You can download this free plugin through this link. I recommend when installing computer must be connected to the Internet because this installation process you must enter your name and email to get the activation code.


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A Free Online Video Editing Tool

A few days ago my friend told me about free video editing software that capable on use without having to install on computer. I am curious and then tried this application on JayCut. JayCut is an online video editing that can be accessed on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has all the features you […]

Transfer Your Old 8mm Film to Dvd

Quite a few people are looking for more information about 8mm film to DVD conversions for various reasons. It would be helpful to understand what 8mm is before making a try  to switch it to DVD structure. Most video cameras  have 8mm film, which is basically a film format of  movies . A very short breakdown of what ‘8mm’ indicates can be easily defined by stating the 8 is the size of the measurement. The measurement is marked  as ‘mm’ which is an abbreviation  for millimeters. When putting it all together you have a filmstrip  that has the width of 8  millimeters, thus 8mm. This film also has been referred to as Regular-8 and Standard-8. If you see these terms referenced online or off of the Internet, you will know that it is talking about 8mm film.

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