Film industry has grown as technology advances and market demand. As a filmmaker you should be able to understand it as an attempt to improve the skills.


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High-Definition Media Interface

High Definition Media Interface High Definition Media InterfaceHigh-Definition Media Interface or HDMI is a digital interface without compression device used to connect media streams from one location to another. It is commonly used for high-definition television home and multimedia production. Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Technicolor, Toshiba, and Silicon Image are a leading electronics manufacturer in the world to be a pioneer of HDMI products. Currently, there are thousands of companies world has obtained a license to use HDMI as a standard feature of electronic products.

HDMI has advantages when compared with analog interfaces such as composite and S-Video. One thing that can be obtained is not to lose the quality in the transmission from one device to another. When used for high-resolution video, the image obtained will be sharper and clearer. Besides switching between video and audio cables are no longer bothered when used for devices that have HDMI already eliminates many complexities that typically occur when using the analog interface.

Currently, HDMI is up to version 2.0, which has support for a higher frame rate. HDMI version 1.4 is the last version that has the ability to transmission the 3D image, Audio Return Channel, and others. Whereas in HDMI 2.0 has been enhanced to be able to handle the future video resolution is called Ultra-High Definition. This increase is more devoted to 3D content as high as 60 frames per second.

Increased ability to interface of connectivity with the ability to delivery large amounts of data. So when you want to watch two full HD video in a single television screen will be made easier because HDMI 2.0 supports dual video streaming. It is also able to work with a video with 21:9 aspect ratio, although devices that support the current numbers are still a little on the market. Although there is no official release for the use of HDMI 2.0 but later users do not need to replace the cable and connector for the currently used can still be compatible.

EOS 5D MARK III for Filmmaker

EOS 5D MARK III EOS 5D MARK III for FilmmakerFilm production at this time not always uses standard video cameras. Many filmmakers use Digital SLR camera as an image recording device. Canon has unveiled this year’s EOS 5D Mark III DSLR Camera as a successor to the popularity of the previous series of EOS 5D Mark II.

Canon EOS DSLR is essentially for the purposes of photography, but since the generation of EOS 5D Mark II has become a tool often used by professional film makers. With the various features of the EOS 5D Mark III seems cinematography fans will be spoiled with the results that have a maximum quality.

The 5D Mark III features an improved 36 x 24mm full-frame CMOS sensor with approximately 22.3 effective mega pixels. By using a new gapless microlens array and improved photo diodes, this camera has an improved standard ISO sensitivity of 100 – 25,600 (expandable up to L:50, H1:51,200, H2:102,400). This balance of ISO sensitivity and high signal-to noise (S/N) ratio, as well as a new customizable “Auto ISO” function, grants photographers freedom of expression in low-light conditions.

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Free E-book – Using YouTube: From Consumption to Production

Using YouTube From Consumption to Production Free E book   Using YouTube: From Consumption to ProductionOnline business promotion can be done in various ways, ranging from paid and free marketing strategies can be used by all people to offer their products. One of it is the use of video as a promotional tool, it is very effective because consumers can know in detail the products or services offered.

YouTube as a service provider of online video content which is very popular among Internet users around the world. Ranging from individuals to large companies take advantage of YouTube’s services for a variety of purposes, especially for the media campaign.

Marketing is a key for business to succeed, the video as a smart and proper tool to do that. On YouTube, you can freely express your style campaign that attracted visitors and a consumer to buy your product.

Here an e-book is available to review with simple and detailed so that you to know more about how to use the YouTube service to its full potential. 24 page e-book that consists of five chapters of discussion that you can download for free and learn to get great benefits.

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5 Ways Getting More Point and Shoot Video Camera

shoot video camera 5 Ways Getting More Point and Shoot Video CameraThe majority of individuals look at the basic startup booklet that comes with their camera, if at all. However, making the effort to experience the manual, understand exactly how your video camera works and what it is capable is the beginning of successful photography. Right here you will find what options and functions your camera is capable of, and any sort of or all of these can instantaneously change your images.

Following on from reading the manual, check out and enlighten yourself on fundamental photography techniques. Understand how to compose your shots and also some basic concepts of design can substantially improve this (contrast, context and so on). Photography isn’t really almost pointing and shooting. It’s about very carefully considering your piece, and even with a point and shoot video camera. You can still take wonderful shots.

Take your video camera out and practice. Take as numerous shots as you like, assess them while still out, and see how you can easily improve them while you still have the scene in front of you.

Spot imaginary lines on your LCD display, two vertically, two horizontally so you have a grid in place. Now, when you take your shot, put the subject so that it is being dissected by one of these lines. The result must be that your topic is not focused, however, to one side of the image. This quickly produces a more intriguing shot than if you took your subject dead center.

Before you take a shot of something that is high speed, focus on the area you anticipate the subject to be, and press and hold half-way down your shutter. This will lock the focus at that point. Now wait until your subject comes into view and then catches the image. You can easily also pan with the subject if it is moving at really high speed. Just what this does is to prevent the camera trying to refocus on the topic, which is very challenging to do on something quick moving. By setting the focus earlier, implies the video camera is already set to take the picture.

Innocent Woman Turns Into A Warrior In Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman Innocent Woman Turns Into A Warrior In Snow White and the HuntsmanThe classic fairy tale Snow White and Alice in Wonderland, may be one of your favorites. Who does not like the behavior of the funny dwarves who accompany Snow White feminine with rosy cheeks? Or follow the adventures of Alice cried in the middle of nowhere full of surprises? This classic story has created a variety of versions with red thread that is still the same. However, more recently, the phenomenon has been widespread in the later movie version of Twisted child, whether air-genre Comedy, Dark Comedy, Drama Action even that tends to dim. Not only in terms of story, some characters also have a ‘make over’ all-out. This tale was no longer fitted enjoyed by the kids!

Walt Disney produced an “Alice In Wonderland” directed by Tim Burton in  2010. This film feels more like a collection of events that recycled from the original story of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. The main character Alice, did not escape the changes.
Alice was created re-as a young woman aged 19 years-who is being grown up, fled from the an arranged marriage toward the Wonderland. Tim Burton is known for creating the powerful theme in the film with a strange enough to give his distinctive touch with the film.The presence of artists like Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp which often portray fantasy characters, capable of delivering different flavors into the film. The most prominent effect is the use of CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) in almost every scene.

Unfortunately, because it is too focused on the sophistication of visualization so that the story becomes “normal” course, and made the audience wince because some scenes are too absurd, especially when you watch it with a little baby will asked throughout the film.

In 2012, there were two movie adaptations of the same story, the Snow White. Film The first directives Tarsem Singh titled “Mirror Mirror”. Snow White is not only portrayed as flawless women and innocent in this film, but has the expertise to play a sword and martial-arts expertise of the ‘educated’ by seven dwarves when he was exiled.

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Short Films for The Independent Filmmakers

The short film is excellent for independent filmmakers. In addition, it can be achieved with a relatively cheaper cost of a long feature film. Short films also provide space for freer expression. Although not a bit too the filmmaker which just takes it as a step towards a long film.

The short film is not the reduction from long films or just a training. It has its own distinct characteristics with long films, not the narrower in meaning or not easier. Short film as a medium of expression has always marginalized from the viewpoint of the audience for not getting the media distribution and exhibition that deserve such a short story found in the literature. Continue reading Short Films for The Independent Filmmakers

Camera Shooting Log Sheet

This log sheet use for the daily record of shooting by camera.
Download Camera Shooting Log here

Camera Shooting Log Camera Shooting Log Sheet

Camera Shot List Form

You can download this form here: Camera Shot List

Shot List Camera Shot List Form

International Film Festival Events In April 2012

International Film Festival Events In April 2012 International Film Festival Events In April 2012Midwest Independent Film Festival : April 03, 2012 (Chicago, Illinois)
Litchfield Hills Film Festival : April 05-08, 2012 (Kent, Connecticut)
The Johns Hopkins Film Festival : April 06-08, 2012 (Baltimore, Maryland)
The Ivy Film Festival : April 09-15, 2012 (Providence, Rhode Island)
Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles to Celebrate 10th Anniversary : April 10-15, 2012 (Los Angeles, California)
Aspen Shortsfest : April 10-15, 2012 (Aspen, Colorado)
Charleston International Film Festival : April 11-15, 2012 (Charleston, South Carolina)
Sonoma International Film Festival : April 11-15, 2012 (Sonoma, California)
AMC Theatres Kansas City FilmFest : April 11-15, 2012 (Kansas City, Missouri)
Charleston International Film Festival : April 11-15, 2012 (Charleston, South Carolina)
SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival : April 11-15, 2012 (Providence, Rhode Island)
Palm Beach International Film Festival : April 11-19, 2012 (Various, Florida)
15th Annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival : April 12-15, 2012 (Durham, North Carolina)
Capital City Film Festival : April 12-15, 2012 (Lansing, Michigan)
First Glance Film Fest Hollywood : April 12-15, 2012 (Hollywood, California)
Chicago International Movies and Music Festival : April 12-15, 2012 (Chicago, Illinois)
11th Annual ashland independent film festival : April 12-16, 2012 (Ashland, Oregon)
LA Film, TV & New Media Festival : April 12-19, 2012 (Beverly Hills, California)
Sydney International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival : April 12-28 (Sydney, Australia)
Dallas International Film Festival : April 12-22 (Dallas, Texas)
London Independent Film Festival : April 12-23, 2012 (London, United Kingdom)
Savannah International Animation Festival : April 13-14, 2012 (Savannah, Georgia)
San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival : April 13-15, 2012 (Berkeley, California)
Spirit Quest Film Festival : April 13-15, 2012 (Edinboro, Pennsylvania)
Boston International Film Festival : April 13-22, 2012 (Boston, Massachusetts)
Sarasota Film Festival : April 13-22, 2012 (Sarasota, Florida)
Florida Film Festival : April 13-22, 2012 (Maitland, Florida)
Sacramento International Film Festival : April 14-22, 2012 (Sacramento, California)
The Going Green Film Festival : April 18-20, 2012 (Century City, California)
Beverly Hills Film Festival : April 18-22, 2012 (Beverly Hills, California)
Sunscreen Film Festival : April 19-22, 2012 (St. Petersburg, Florida)
SOHO International Film Festival : April 20-26, 2012 (New York)
Myrtle Beach International Film Festival : April 20-28, 2012 (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)
Indie Grits Film Festival : April 20-29, 2012 (Columbia, South Carolina)
Riverside International Film Festival : April 20-29, 2012 (Riverside, California)
Be Film The Underground Film Festival : April 24-28, 2012 (New York)
Greenville International Film Festival : April 24-29, 2012 (Greenville, South Carolina)
Independent Film Festival : April 25- May 2, 2012 (Boston, Massachusetts)
6th Annual Fort Myers Beach Film Festival : April 26-29, 2012 (Fort Myers Beach, Florida)
Cape Fear Independent Film Festival : April 26-29, 2012 (Wilmington, North Carolina)
Los Angeles United Film Festival : April 26-May 03, 2012 (Los Angeles, California)
Newport Beach Film Festival : April 26t-May 03, 2012 (Newport Beach, California)
NYC Downtown Short Film Festival : April 26-May07, 2012 (New York)
West Chester International Short Film Festival : April 27-29, 2012 (West Chester, Pennsylvania)
Shorts Film Festival : April 28-May 05, 2012 (Adelaide, Australia)

Primary Requirements for Making Your Film

Making Your Film 150x150 Primary Requirements for Making Your FilmLet us talk about pre-production. Precisely, what does one need in this kind of a challenge? Say you have already got your script. You have already a somewhat clear picture of your budget-or lack of. You have ideas for casting (if you have no budget, that is very easily solvable, you perform the lead and/or cast your siblings, close friends, acquaintances who can do it and can do it for absolutely no pay or maybe for a slice of pizza), and you know your distribution prospects-where you want your movie to play, most enthusiasts are happy to get a showing at the family’s television area. A nice outdoor screening would be wonderful though, accompanied with a cookout. Finally, you are pretty much set to think about devices.

Most filmmakers focus on tools. It’s not shocking nor is it poor. It is after all, a big portion of the procedure; but as explained above, that’s not all there is. Likewise, the camera requires the top charging in the equipment list. There are numerous varieties available and at different price ranges and all with their very own merits and drawbacks. Once you’ve a camera, you’re on your way. However, what happens next?  Continue reading Primary Requirements for Making Your Film